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In our basic stock market training program we offer you the training where it covers a basic understanding of the stock market. Where it can help you to understand the fundamentals of the financial market.

Introduction to stock market:

It covers the basic objectives on the reason to invest, regulators in stock market, Financial Intermediaries, Stock market indices and many other basic topics.


Equity investment in stock market has the capability to get more returns than any other investment avenues .It also provides your portfolio with the growth necessary to reach your short term and long term. Our training program will provide you the knowledge you require for decision making in investing equity market.

Mutual fund:

You will learn to invest in mutual funds, and also learn how to select one from the vast set of funds. We make you understand on how mutual funds work and you will learn how to invest in Indian market and supported by concepts of stock markets, equities, and how do mutual funds work. It also teaches you with all the mutual funds basics.

Derivatives :

The topic will cover the concept of Exchange traded derivatives and over the counter derivatives, uses of derivatives in Portfolio Management, Principal of leverage and you will get to know on how investing in derivatives is cheaper than investing in physical underlying securities.

Future: We will make you understand the Structure future markets, mechanics of future markets, hedging strategies, using futures, determination future prices and how interest rate futures and currency rate futures works.


The training will cover structure of options market, principles of option pricing, Basic option strategies, advanced option strategies, trading with options, hedging with options and currency options.

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NIfty Returns is located in Mysore.We Knowledge people about Stocks & Shares Market in two levels.

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